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  • Family of five partners with Habitat for Humanity

Family of five partners with Habitat for Humanity

on Tuesday, 14 August 2018. Posted in Good life, Faith, Local News

India McLellan is a resident of Florence. She works for the United States Postal Service and as a mother to her four children, Ionna, Maliki, Karmen, and Kobe.

India applied for the Habitat for Humanity program back in December of 2017 after having heard the inspirational stories of other partner families and the effects that Habitat for Humanity has had on their lives. For India and her children, they will now become one of those inspirational stories to other future partner families. As of last week, all the months of paperwork, interviews, and prayers resulted in the announcement that they are going to be the newest partner family with Greater Florence Habitat for Humanity.

Last week Debbie Edwards, Executive Director of the Greater Florence Habitat for Humanity, asked that India and her children come to the Habitat for Humanity office, located at 1354 Celebration Blvd. The family was under the impression that they were coming in to answer a few more final questions regarding their application. However, what the family did not know was that the only question they were going to be asked was if they were “ready to start work on their new house”.

Upon realizing that they were the newest parter family, India and her family were overcome with emotion. India expressed her gratitude and said she was committed to the work ahead of them.

Ionna, daughter of India McLellan, said “I look forward to being able to decorate a room of my own for the first time”.

India and her family will be working with her church, friends, and co-workers, putting in their 300 hours of ‘sweat labor’, on a new five bedroom home.

In the next coming weeks Habitat for Humanity and India will put “shovels in the dirt” and begin construction on the family’s new home.

The new home will be located on Rairoad Ave. in Florence. Edwards is excited to start on this new house for India and her children. Ewards talked about how the family was approved due to their current living quarters being greatly affected by previous flooding along with being too small for such a big family.

Assurant Specialty of Florence, an insurance organization, helps to fund one house a year for Habitat for Humanity. Deb Davis, Vice President of Operations at Assurant, said that she was happy to be working with Habitat for Humanity and greatly believes in what they do.

India McLellan with her children at Habitat for Humanity after hearing the news that they will be the next partner family to build a home.

About Habitat for Humanity

Executive director of the Greater Florence Habitat for Humanity, Debbie Edwards, says that their mission is to “to help eliminate substandard and poverty housing in Florence”. This is furthered by the motto of Greater Florence Habitat for Humanity which is “a hand up, not a hand out”.

Habitat for Humanity was founded by Millard and Linda Fuller in 1976. Its mission has always remained the same—to improve our communities and the lives of others by eradicating substandard housing and homelessness by providing safe and affordable housing. Since 1976 Habitat for Humanity has built over 400,000 homes in countries around the world and provided over 1,000,000 people with safe and affordable housing.

The Greater Florence affiliate of Habitat for Humanity received its charter in 1991 and has since partnered with 40 families and 52 children to help them become homeowners and give them the opportunity for a better life.

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