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on Tuesday, 23 June 2020. Posted in Good life, News, Education, Local News


Although typically held on the Trinity-Byrnes campus with students and parents in attendance, this year, the Trinity-Byrnes Award Day was held virtually through YouTube and Facebook. Students, families, and friends were able to log in to see the ceremony live-streamed. The 2020 awards are as follows:

Valedictorian- Ruth Sarah Player; Salutatorian- Grace Galloway Cleveland; Honor Graduate- James Laurie Lawson; Woodman of the World – Graham Minter.

2020 National Introduction to Greek Exam: Merit Award - Grace Munn, Joe Commander and Amelia Whitehead;

High Award: Claire Peebles and Helen Player.

National Mythology Exam 2020: Bronze Medal - Ryder Gibbs, Maggie Peebles, Brice Carroll, Josh Santo Domingo, Shahid Nawaz, and Chris Hillman; Silver Medal - Mary Chellis Ellington, Liza Commander, Sophie Belk, Margaret Cates, Jay Riddle, Grae Minter, Evan Watts, Grace Horger and Ella Zeigler; Gold Medal - Samantha Keretsis, Jameson Sheehy, Mary Jane Lopiccolo, Coley Norris, Michael Frost, Owens Lopiccolo and Alden Okoh-Aduako.

South Carolina Independent School Association George Grice 8th Grade Scholars: Sophie Belk, Margaret Cates, Liza Commander, Caden Crawley, Kaila Delaney, Frawley Grace King, Jason Knotts, Owens Lopiccolo, Shahid Nawaz, Madison Odin, Alden Okoh-Aduako, Maggie Peebles, Jay Riddle, Joshua Sto. Domingo, and Thomas Suggs.

South Carolina Independent School Association Honor Graduates: Zach Carey, Grace Cleveland, Jack Cleveland, Abraham Damon, Haley Davis, Hampton Epps, Austin Greer, Teal Howle, Elizabeth Intemann, Caleb King, Jay Lawson, Minh Le, Stephanie Li, Jackson Lowe, Matthew Luong, Cameron Morris, William Phipps, Ruth Player, James Potter, Michael Roach, Powers Rogers, Eliza Gregg Saleeby, Reagan Saunders, Andrew Saverance, Sullivan Smith, Hoon Sung, Caroline Tatum, Matthew Warr, Hayden Walker, Angeline Yuan, and Esther Zhou

Coker University Scholars: Marian Winters, Gene Zeigler, Bryce Christian, Eleanor Farrell, Lyndie Reining, Jack Banner, Kat Glassman, Caleb Rogers, and Tracy Jackson. Columbia College Scholars: Gene Zeigler, Bryce Christian, Eleanor Farrell, Lyndie Reining, Jack Banner, Caleb Rogers, Nik Mezzanotte, Kat Glassman and Tracy Jackson.

Converse College Junior Scholars: Bryce Christian, Etta McLeod, Sarah Elizabeth Price, Noah Carroll, Reid Saunders, Trystan Elliott, and Michael Cusaac.

Furman University Scholar: Lyndie Reining.

Lander University Junior Fellows: Caleb Rogers, Marian Winters, Gene Zeigler.

Presbyterian College Junior Fellow Scholars: Jack Banner, Eleanor Farrell, William Duvall, Bryce Christian, Kat Glassman, Tracy Jackson, Alexis Lee, Tom Nguyen, Lyndie Reining, Caleb Rogers, Blake Warren, Marian Winters, Gene Zeigler.

USC Upstate Junior Scholars: Brook Brumfield, Azilee Davis, Michael Cusaac, Chandler Jordan, Sarah Elizabeth Price, Isaiah Reichenbach.

Wofford College Scholars: Lyndie Reining and William Duvall.

The Titan Awards: Brice Carroll and Jailen Jones.

The Ambassador Awards: Samantha Keretsis, Cole Rabon, Minh Le, Matthew Luong.

Mr. Ed Hoffman Awards: Angeline Yuan, Haley Davis, Reagan Saunders, Noah Skeen, Nick Jones, Emma Johnston, Katie Wilcox, Tom Nguyen, Hailey Lee

Headmaster’s Awards: Seventh grade - Coley Norris; Eighth grade - Chris Hillman; Ninth grade - Kinady Pierce; Tenth grade - Lacey Stephens; Eleventh grade - Eleanor Farrell; Twelfth grade - Amarion Coletrain.

The Trinity-Byrnes Awards: Powers Rogers, Ruth Player.

Outstanding Community Service Awards: Klay Baker, Luke Baker, Hannah Blake, Bryce Christian, Abraham Damon, Ansley Hatchell, Sophia Liu, Saviah Miller, Maggie Murrell, Kinady Pierce, Taylor Pierce, Ruth Player, Sarah Elizabeth Price, Andrew Saverance, Jameson Sheehy, Lacey Stephens, Caroline Tatum, Marian Winters.

Trinity-Byrnes Collegiate School Honor Graduates for the Class of 2020: Jack Cleveland, Zach Carey, Laurel Casstevens, Abraham Damon, Haley Davis, Hampton Epps, Austin Greer, Elizabeth Intemann, Emma Johnston, Caleb King, Minh Le, Jackson Lowe, Cameron Morris, William Phipps, James Potter, Michael Roach, Powers Rogers, Eliza Gregg Saleeby, Reagan Saunders, Andrew Saverance, Sullivan Smith, Hayden Walker, Matthew Warr, Esther Zhou, Angeline Yuan.

Athletes of the Year: Zach Carey, McKenzie Davis.

Scholar Athletes: Matthew Warr, Eliza Gregg Saleeby.

Lydia B Goodman Awards: owers Rogers, Emma Johnston.

Athletic Director Awards: Michael Roach, Jordan Jones, Haley Davis.

7th Grade Scholar Athletes: Jameson Sheehy, James Herbert.

8th Grade Scholar Athletes : Allie Murrell, Jay Riddle.

Middle School Athlete of the Year: Hannah Marie McKay, Julian Duncan.

Loyalty, Honor and Perseverance Awards: Kate Dargan and Grae Minter.

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