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Timmonsville committee busy improving downtown

on Wednesday, 29 July 2015. Posted in News, Local News, FEATURES

TIMMONSVILLE – Filled with a sense of pride and love for their community, the citizens of Timmonsville are striving to improve and enhance their small town of 2,382 residents. In March of 2004, the mayor, town council and town administrator appointed 10 citizens to serve as Timmonsville’s Downtown Revitalization Committee. This group, headed by chairman Pat Driggers has been meeting regularly to plan and implement programs and projects to make their town better and more attractive. To date, they have initiated three programs, planted flowers in the downtown area, and re-established the Timmonsville Christmas Festival. 

The committee started first with prayer, implementing Prayer Walking in Timmonsville. Prayer walkers meet at Town Hall at 8:30 a.m. on the second and fourth Saturday of every month to walk in groups of two or three and pray as they walk. Anyone interested in joining them is welcome. “Our goal is to make sure every business, block, government official and home is covered in prayer,” explained Pat. The prayer walkers are sent to different areas of the town, and after 30 or 45 minutes of walking and praying, they meet back at Town Hall to share their experiences and close in prayer. Usually someone will lead them in singing. “We all leave with a sense of peace,” commented Becky Waden, a member of the Downtown Revitalization Committee. 

During their walk “people come up and want to pray with us,” Becky continued. “It is amazing and wonderful. Prayer unites people.” Pat said the committee has put together prayer packets that have been distributed to 40 churches and groups in the area. The committee members have a strong faith in prayer and decided this was where they needed to start with regard to revitalizing their community. In June they began a Yard of the Month program, recognizing those who do a superior job in maintaining their yards. They hope to encourage and inspire residents to take pride in their homes and neighborhoods.

All of the town residents are eligible to be chosen for “Yard of the Month.” Members of the committee select the winner and two runner ups. The winner is provided with a decorative sign to display in their yard. The Yard of the Month is awarded each month from June to November and a special Yard of the Month will be awarded during the holiday season for the best decorated yard. Residents are encouraged to nominate yards by calling Fronnie Pettigrew at 843-229-3214 or Andrena Conner at 843-616-2628. Or, they may email Pat Driggers at pdriggers1@gmail. com

The third program being implemented is a citizen recognition program, “Above and Beyond.” Town residents are invited and encouraged to nominate individuals who have made a difference in the quality of life in the community and gone above and beyond to make Timmonsville a wonderful place to live. The town wants to recognize extraordinary people who have made a significant contribution to, or positive impact on the citizens of Timmonsville and who have demonstrated a strong sense of community pride and commitment towards the betterment of the town. Examples of nominations include people involved in community pride projects, volunteer services, mentoring and coaching, contributions to the quality of life in the community and a dedication to the ongoing development of Timmonsville. 

Forms are available at Town Hall. Once chosen, the “Above and Beyond” citizen will be honored at a town council meeting and will receive a framed certificate. Pat said these three programs are the very beginning of the committee’s efforts because revitalization has to start with community involvement and community pride. She added that the committee has other ideas and plans to enhance their town. They will announce these future plans when approved by the town council. Town administrator Mary Bines, said the revitalization committee “is a value added to the town of Timmonsville. I am looking forward to all the other opportunities that face us,” she added.

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