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  • McLeod Healthier You helps Glover family lead healthier lives

McLeod Healthier You helps Glover family lead healthier lives

on Tuesday, 16 August 2016. Posted in News, Local News

McLeod Healthier You helps Glover family lead healthier lives

Earl and Amy Glover believed it was a matter of perfect timing when they received their invitational letter to participate in the McLeod Healthier You Program. Both had put on weight over the years and tried unsuccessfully to take it off. They had hopes that this program was going to prove to make the difference for them. McLeod Healthier You is a population healthcare management program designed to give participants guidance in managing their chronic disease and navigating the healthcare system through the use of RN Care Managers.

Care Managers meet regularly with participants to educate them on chronic disease management, setting goals, and reinforcing care plans established by primary care and/or specialists. Care Managers also serve to ease transitions if participants require higher levels of care such as emergency or inpatient admission. The Glovers first met with their Care Manager Melissa Page in November 2015. This initial meeting brought undiagnosed health issues to Amy’s attention.

From her pre-program screening, she discovered that not only was her weight up, but her blood pressure and blood sugar levels were elevated. Amy made an appointment with her primary care physician Dr. David Moon in Lake City. With Melissa and Dr. Moon’s guidance, Amy began following a diabetic diet. “In addition, I increased the amount of water I was drinking, eliminated added sugar from my diet, watched my portions at meals, and planned snack times so I was not starving between meals,” said Amy.

Since Amy began Healthier You she has lost 25 pounds, her blood pressure is back to normal, and she feels one hundred percent better. Earl’s motivator to make a change was an increase in his weight. He is also drinking more water, and he has learned to read food labels. In addition, Earl reports that he has discovered that Sweet ‘N Low does not taste that bad. For his occasional trip to the vending machine, he now looks for healthier options with protein to help carry him through the afternoon.

To date, Earl has lost 15 pounds on his weight loss journey. The couple’s teenage son Alex has benefitted from their healthy lifestyle changes, too. Following his parents’ example he has increased his water intake, and is eating more fruit. Like his parents, Alex is also conscious of what and how much he eats. From an exercise perspective, the family has moved from a sedentary lifestyle to being more active. Amy loves to walk, and Earl stays active with yard work. Alex burns his extra calories playing football for his high school. “We have learned a lot from Melissa about eating healthier and activity goals,” said Earl.

“She has been a great life coach for all of us.” Earl is even sharing his new wealth of knowledge with his co-workers – making copies of the Healthier You handouts so they can also learn to live healthier. Earl has advice for anyone ready to make a change to a healthier lifestyle. “It is not as hard as I thought it would be. You do have to trade off certain things from your diet for healthier options.

But, it is all about living better. You have to decide that this is the time to take care of yourself and do it.” Earl has been an accountant with McLeod Physician Associates for ten years. Amy is an Admissions Counselor with Carolina Academy in Lake City, where Alex will be entering the ninth grade this fall.

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