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Students record perfect scores

on Tuesday, 19 November 2019. Posted in News, Education, Local News

Students record perfect scores

At its November meeting, the Florence 1 Schools Trustees recognized students who earned perfect scores on standardized tests during the 2018-19 school year. Twenty- five students earned the maximum score on a portion of the SC READY, and 10 students earned a perfect score on a portion of the SC PASS.

SC READY is a statewide assessment that includes tests in English/Language Arts and mathematics. It is administered in the spring to all students in third through eighth grades. Items on SC READY are aligned with the SC College and Career Ready Standards.

Twenty-five of these students earned maximum scores on the mathematics section of the test. They are Cannon C. Coker, Briggs Elementary; Amelia Robinson, Briggs Elementary; Elizabeth J. Ballenger, Carver Elementary; Piper Caroline Batchelor, Carver Elementary; ZiMo Wei, Carver Elementary; Emma Glanz, Royall Elementary; Mason R. Nichol, Dewey L. Carter Elementary; Lily Kathryn O’Neal, Royall Elementary; Mason R. Nichol, Dewey L. Carter Elementary; David C. Oakley, Henry Timrod Elementary; Michael A Eggen, Lucy T. Davis Elementary; Jacob C. Love, Briggs Elementary; Callie A. Page, McLaurin Elementary, (now at John W. Moore); Roslyn Paola, Royall Elementary; Rufus Everette Brown, John W. Moore; Adam C. Dowling, John W. Moore; Donald H. Granger, Briggs Elementary; Sarah R. Peavy, Wallace-Gregg Elementary; Taylor A. Gibson, John W. Moore, (now at Williams Middle); Matthew R. McCall, John W. Moore, (now at Sneed Middle); Peter J. Steinmetz, John W. Moore (now at Williams Middle); Joseph K. Strauss, Williams Middle; Grayson A. Fountain, Southside Middle; Reilly A. Mize; Southside Middle; Sudhanshu Chunchu, Williams Middle; and Rachel Herod, Sneed Middle.

SC PASS is a statewide assessment for students in fourth, sixth, and eighth grades in science, and fifth and seventh grades in social studies. PASS test items measure students’ performance on SC Academic Standards. The test items are aligned to the standards for each subject and grade level. Standards outline what schools are expected to teach and what students are expected to learn.

Nine students made a perfect score on the science portion of the SC PASS; 1 student made a perfect score on the social studies portion of the SC Pass. They are: Anna L. Danford, Briggs Elementary; MiKala Woods, Briggs Elementary; Joshua Haney, Carver Elementary; Jackson H. Newell, Carver Elementary; Izabella Compton, Delmae Elementary; Isabel Quann, Delmae Elementary; Daniel R. Stone, Delmae Elementary; Alex Cotran, Royall Elementary; Jake Stoklosa, Lucy T. Davis; and Donald H. Granger, Briggs Elementary.

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