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EDITORIAL: This political foolishness has to end

on Monday, 27 September 2021. Posted in Local News

EDITORIAL: This political foolishness  has to end

At what point will our leaders in Washington figure out they are actually wearing the same uniform and playing on the same team?

Yet another example of their unwillingness to work together arose last week when Republicans and Democrats abruptly put an end to weeks of negotiations after failing to reach a compromise on a police reform bill. Democrats claims the GOP refused to accept changes to legal protections now afforded to police officers that protect them from lawsuits and prosecution for their actions while on duty. Republicans responded by claiming the Democrats refuse to let go of their agenda to defund police.

The result of their bipartisan bickering is 18 months of wasted time and money spent trying to resolve an important issue. If it weren’t so sad, it would be comical.

S.C. Sen. Tim Scott, a Republican, helped write the proposed reform legislation. He voiced his anger and disappointment at what he called “partisan pettiness.”

“After months of making progress, I am deeply disappointed that Democrats have once again squandered a crucial opportunity to implement meaningful reform to make our neighborhoods safer and mend the tenuous relationship between law enforcement and communities of color. Crime will continue to increase while safety decreases, and more officers are going to walk away from the force because my negotiating partners walked away from the table.

“I made a promise to never walk away from the table because walking away means we’re giving up on the communities and officers whose lives hang in the balance…. Reverting to a partisan approach to score political points when American lives are at risk is just plain wrong.”

Meanwhile, the White House blamed the breakdown on Republicans.

“Republicans rejected reforms that even the previous president had supported and refuse to engage on key issues that many in law enforcement were willing to address, so we're disappointed,” stated Press Secretary Jen Psaki.

In the words of Charlie Brown, who could very well possess more common sense than some of our so-called leaders, good grief!

While we may not necessarily agree with Scott’s views or that of the White House, we do feel very strongly that walking away – on any issue - because you can’t have it completely your way is irresponsible and unacceptable. The incessant finger pointing is counterproductive, disrespectful, immature.

This ongoing power struggle between the left and right and its “my way or the highway” attitude must come to an end or an implosion will soon follow. It could be sooner than we realize.

Now that police reform has been sent back to square one, a much larger issues looms – the debt ceiling and yet another potential government shut down.

If our elected leaders in Congress and the White House can’t stop their foolishness and figure out a way to come together, the nation as we know it may be doomed.

More than a half century ago, another comic strip character named Pogo created by artist Walt Kelly told the world, “We have met the enemy and he is us.” Those words seem increasingly prophetic these days.

You know its bad when you can find more wisdom in a comic strip than on Capital Hill.

We implore our leaders on both sides of the aisle to please get it together.

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