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Pros and cons of becoming a seenager

on Tuesday, 04 April 2017. Posted in Columns, Opinions

There are emails circulating that suggest a new name for senior citizens. The name is seenager which means senior teenager. When you think about it, the benefits are great, according to these emails: Seenagers have everything they wanted as a teenager, ju

In praise of lefthanders!

on Tuesday, 28 March 2017. Posted in Columns, Opinions

My late husband Beau was lefthanded. As such, I often teased that he did things backwards. For instance, he ironed from left to right – first turning the ironing board around and then holding the iron in his left hand. (Yes, he ironed!) When he wrote som

The telltale signs of aging

on Tuesday, 21 March 2017. Posted in Columns, Opinions

You might be old if..... Your little black book contains only names that end in M.D. You have a party and the neighbors don’t even realize it. Your favorite part of The News Journal is “Do You Remember?” Your knees buckle, and your belt won’t. Peopl

Fun with Oxymorons

on Tuesday, 14 March 2017. Posted in Columns, Opinions

Have you ever thought about these oxymorons? Act naturally Advanced basic Airline food Almost exactly Alone together American history Business ethics Childproof Clearly misunderstood Computer jock Computer security Definitely maybe Diet ice cream Exact es

Chew over these ponderisms

on Tuesday, 07 March 2017. Posted in Columns, Opinions

Think about it: In the 1960s, people took acid to make the world weird. Now the world is weird and people take Prozac to make it normal. All of us could take a lesson from the weather. It pays no attention to criticism. Does pushing the elevator button

You might be old if you remember rabbit ears

on Tuesday, 28 February 2017. Posted in Columns, Opinions

Every so often I am reminded that some of the words and expressions we older folks have been acquainted with all of our lives can be perplexing to our youngsters. For instance, about a month ago, I was shopping with my sister-in-law at a mall in Kentucky.

Some general laws of life

on Wednesday, 22 February 2017. Posted in Columns, Opinions

Three things to fix education in S.C.

on Wednesday, 22 February 2017. Posted in Columns, Opinions

Jon Butzon has spent years working to improve and reform education in South Carolina. He believes that not only should we have great schools but we can have great schools for every child in South Carolina. Here is what he thinks we should do.

Happy 12th birthday to Caroline, Madison

on Tuesday, 14 February 2017. Posted in Columns, Opinions

For the last 11 years, I have written about two loves of my life – my twin granddaughters, Caroline and Madison. Today, Feb. 15, they turn 12 years old. These two active and bubbly little girls are growing up quickly. Caroline is actually two inches

What about fake TV and movies ?

on Tuesday, 07 February 2017. Posted in Columns, Opinions

We hear a lot these days about fake news. Well, there are many things that happen in the movies and on television that never, or rarely, happen in real life. Is that fake TV and fake cinema? For example: It’s easy for anyone to land a plane, providing the

What God says about aging

on Tuesday, 31 January 2017. Posted in Columns, Opinions

When you get to be my age, you think a lot about old age and aging. Here is what the Bible says about old age: Wisdom belongs to the aged, and understanding to the old. Job 12:12 He will renew your life and sustain you in your old age. Ruth 4:15 And

Having a little fun with paraprosdokians

on Tuesday, 24 January 2017. Posted in Columns, Opinions

Following are some entertaining paraprosodokians. A paraprosdokian is a derivative of a Greek word which means beyond expectation. It is a wordplay in which the final part of a phrase or sentence is unexpected and often humorous. For instance: Change is i

Excuses not to diet or exercise

on Tuesday, 17 January 2017. Posted in Columns, Opinions

It is that time of year when many Americans are trying to keep their New Year’s Resolutions. Included in the Top 10 list of most popular resolutions is to lose weight and exercise more. You might call me unAmerican, but I must confess I did not make any

Thank you William Shakespeare

on Tuesday, 10 January 2017. Posted in Columns, Opinions

William Shakespeare gave us more than plays, sonnets and poems. The Bard contributed thousands of phrases, sayings, proverbs and idioms to the English language – more than any other individual. Most are still used today. Following are some familiar saying

Life in America, 100 years ago

on Tuesday, 03 January 2017. Posted in Columns, Opinions

As we look forward to 2017 let’s take a glimpse of life in America 100 years ago. 1917 was the year that America became involved in the first “World War.” In April, the U.S. declared war on Germany entering the war that had begun three years before.
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