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  • SLOAN COLUMN: Nothing quite like a good ‘lucky dog’ story

SLOAN COLUMN: Nothing quite like a good ‘lucky dog’ story

on Tuesday, 14 January 2020. Posted in Columns, Opinions

SLOAN COLUMN: Nothing quite like a good ‘lucky dog’ story

I recently received a letter from a reader by the name of Angeline Watford. She lives in Darlington County just north of Hartsville. In the letter she details a true story about her pet, a dog named Lucky.

Never, ever pass up the chance to hear a story about a dog named Lucky. It will either be funny or special. This one happens to be special.

“My name is Angeline Watford and I have a puppy named “Lucky.” He is truly one lucky puppy. One Saturday morning when I awoke and went outside to check on all my precious fur babies, he was nowhere to be found. The date was June 15, 2019.

After many hours of searching for him I heard a faint whining sound beneath the ground. Lucky had fallen into a 64-foot well that I never knew existed. My heart was crushed because I thought he had been buried alive.

“I called (Darlington County Fire Department) Fire and Rescue. When they arrived they never treated me as if I was crazy for calling them to save this pup’s life. I soon realized that God had sent me some special angels.

More and more of these special people showed up that day to save this small pup. They worked together as family and friends and finally, after hours of work, Lucky was pulled up out of the well. Anderson Plumbing even showed up with a special camera that showed them exactly where my puppy was in the hole. I will forever love and respect each and every man and woman who helped me that day.”

I am 64 years old and in all my life I have never met people as kind and as special as they are.”

A call to Darlington County Fire Chief Ricky Flowers confirmed the story to be true. In fact, Flowers has a picture of Lucky.

“It was taken after he was rescued. I’ve held onto it,” Flowers said with a chuckle.

He then shared with me some of the things he remembered from the call. “The hole was probably about 60 feet deep, but it was about as round as the size of your fist,” said Flowers. “At first glance, you never would have thought a dog would have been in there.”

Flowers remembers it “took just about all day” before the pup was rescued. He said it was a team effort and the person from Anderson Plumbing deserves a lot of the credit.

“The camera helped tremendously,” he said. “I’m not sure if it would have ended the way it did without their help.”

After reading the first part of the letter, I could not help but wonder why Ms. Watford had waited some six months to write a letter to the paper thanking the people who rescued her pet. The last part of the letter explained her reasoning.

First, it was Christmas and she was most thankful to still have her lucky fur baby. She had promised herself she would write and thank the people who helped her that day. This was her way of doing so.

Her second reason for writing was that she was angry and disappointed at seeing all the bitterness and hatred on display in our nation’s capital during the holidays. She said they needed to work together like people who saved her little dog. These are her words:

“There is no room in our lives for such hatred towards even just one person at a time of wondrous joy when baby Jesus was born. Have the American people forgotten the true meaning of Christmas?”

I may not be here next Christmas due to my health, but I can say that our “Fire and Rescue” gave me a warm Christmas present in saving Lucky. They worked together and did a great job and didn’t stand divided … .”

God bless you Angeline and thanks for sharing your story.

And thanks also to our heroic firefighters and rescue personnel for always being there in our time of need. We feel pretty doggone lucky having you around.

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