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Can Trump beat Hillary?

on Wednesday, 27 January 2016. Posted in Letters to the Editor, Opinions

Most Americans are pleased that Donald Trump has aroused the anger and frustrations of the ineffective Obama administration. Trump’s rancorous rhetoric actually portrays the same frustrations that all the GOP candidates feel about the Democrats’ rush toward socialism and more government control.

Now as the primaries get closer, angry conservatives need to put their emotions on pause, take several deep breaths, sit back, and seriously consider the inevitable math involved in winning the November election. In the last two elections, registered Democrats outnumbered registered Republicans, and the young, diverse voter population is rapidly increasing with attitudes leaning more Democratic.

Note the amazingly huge crowds of young voters at socialist Bernie Sanders’s rallies. About two thirds of the voters in November will not be Republican. In order to beat Hillary, Republicans must win a commanding majority of the independent and politically moderate voters. Past election results show that these voters do not support extremist partisans or ideologues.

Since July, the non-partisan internet polling organization, YouGov, has been monthly tracking a large cross section of independent and moderate voters, asking them about their presidential preferences. Donald Trump’s ratings were the worst of any candidate in the field. Ted Cruz was barely ahead of Trump in unfavorable ratings. Neither candidate seems electable in the general election.

No wonder the Democrats and the liberal media (pardon the redundancy) are giving Trump and Cruz so much public promotional support. The feckless behavior of both candidates against various voting blocs has already given Hillary’s campaign team a gold mine of negative sound bites to use against both of them and making the election of Hillary Clinton a slam dunk. The Democrats are playing conservatives like a cheap violin.

They will unite and vote heavily for Hillary on election day. Donald Trump and right wing Republicans really make strange bedfellows. When you peel back the top layer of the onion of Trump’s personal politics, the inner layers show that Trump is not a true conservative but a wealthy elitist autocrat with liberal tendencies of contributing to past Clinton campaigns, the Clinton Foundation, and praising America’s two enemies, Putin and Kim Jong Yao, for taking control of their countries by dictatorial methods.

Ted Cruz is a smart politician, but comes across to independents as a very angry man who proposes to be the anti-establishment candidate and openly criticizes Congress. However, he has consistently flip flopped on several issues for political expediency. Why would he direct his anger at a Republican Congress where he is a sitting member?

Republicans have only controlled Congress since they won the Senate in 2014 and have passed more beneficial legislation than the Democrats passed in the last 2-3 years combined. The Obama veto pen has restricted past Republican legislation, and with three or four Supreme Court appointments possible in the next eight years, all conservatives must unite together and support a candidate who can win the independent vote.

All the candidates have political baggage, but Marco Rubio may be the only candidate who can appeal to the voters in the swing states. Rubio’s passion, personal charisma, and conservative principles can better resonate with the young voters, females, Hispanics, and other minorities whose votes will make the difference in this election. So, who would conservatives prefer in the White House?

A moderately conservative Republican who can reset America’s political agenda and unite the nation, or a liberal Obama clone who will continue to promote government command over our economy, degrade our international reputation, and control the personal lives of our citizens? Please make your thoughtful choice carefully. Carroll Player, DDS Florence

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