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Colin Kaepernick’s protest is misguided

on Tuesday, 13 September 2016. Posted in Letters to the Editor, Opinions

The San Francisco Forty Niners quarterback, Colin Kaepernick’s sit-down protest during the national anthem at football games is the wrong strategy for voicing his displeasure about racial injustices. Mr. Kaepernick certainly has a constitutional right to express his concerns, but his unpatriotic method of protesting has negatively changed the narrative and only exacerbated the racial tensions in our country. There were a dozen different ways for him to generate more definitive attention to these social injustices.

Isn’t Mr. Kaepernick aware that there is a plethora of constructive conversations currently going on throughout America on this very issue? A sad commentary is that his football jersey has now become the number one selling jersey in the NFL. Mr. Kaepernick and his supporters who call him a “patriot” should put this issue into a deeper perspective and compare their protest of the unfortunate shooting deaths of a few black citizens with the literally millions of Americans of all colors who gave their lives in past wars against tyranny, and still are presently dying and being severely wounded, in valiant efforts so Mr. Kaepernick and all Americans can still have the freedom to voice their opinions on any issue.

Our national anthem and the American flag are the two true iconic symbols of America and its values. For Mr. Kaepernick to show his disrespect for America’s national anthem and the unfurling of the American flag denigrates the sacrifices of the many who fought to retain our freedom. These freedoms have afforded people such as Colin Kaepernick, a black multimillionaire athlete, to become successful in this country. America will never be perfect, but America allows more opportunities for the advancement of African-Americans in education, business, and politics than any country in the world. He should be more grateful and less demonstrative in his actions.

Carroll Player, DDS Florence

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