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Endless lawyer commercials a nuisance

on Tuesday, 09 July 2019. Posted in Letters to the Editor, Opinions

To the editor,

The time has come to reduce the constant bombardment from the ambulance chasers. I think that regular evening television viewers have already memorized the nine-digit appeals to litigate fender benders. Although this may seem like it’s your chance to get the vacation of your dreams, it is at the expense of the rest of us. Insurance companies merely increase rates on everyone eventually. Statistics will get you every time.

I like to dine while watching the evening news and early programming, but the constant mind-bending brainwashing ruins some fine cooking. Will you legal beagles please hit the pause button restart around 9 p.m. when we hard-working stiffs are going to bed? Five a.m. comes early.

Kenneth M. Curran


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