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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Practice self-reliance against COVID-19

on Wednesday, 15 April 2020. Posted in Letters to the Editor

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Practice self-reliance against COVID-19

As we attempt to cope with the emotional stresses of social distancing and home isolation, it’s important to maintain a healthy perspective of how much we can actually control within our own lives to avoid the coronavirus infection. Seeing too many anecdotal negative experiences on cable news creates excessive anxieties, which create more clinical depression, which significantly lowers our body’s resistance factors, which allows the Covid-19 virus to more easily infect our body.

We can’t personally influence our scientists and government agencies’ efforts to attack this pandemic. But we can cut off our TV’s and avoid CNN’s redundant doom and gloom coverage and with mostly omission of the positive progress in mitigation. We can also stop watching President Trump’s interminable press conferences where his cognitive dissonance on issues creates too many contradictions of personal behavior and logistical planning.

Get out of your house. Comply with social distancing guidelines, but go walking, get more exercise, more sunlight, more deep breathing of fresh air, all of which increases your resistance factors. Stay positive. Laugh more. Watch upbeat TV shows. To quote an old aphorism : “ When life gives you lemons, focus your time on making lemonade.”

We must hope for the best and pray for God’s intervention in this world crisis. Stay safe.

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