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Letters to the editor

on Tuesday, 05 February 2019. Posted in Letters to the Editor, Opinions

Dear Editor: I am a Junior at South Florence High School and an intern with Students First. I wanted to help with the referendum because I believe that I should work to leave this world a better place than it was when I got here.

As long as I’ve been a student I’ve been a student in this school district. I’ve seen the problems at the schools I’ve been to and I’ve seen the problems at other schools by being a member of the Students Facilities Committee too. With these experiences I think it’s time we stop worrying only about the schools our children do or will go to and start thinking of every school in the district, because while a property tax does affect people’s money, a bad school system affects people’s lives.

I’ve been lucky with good education so far, but that isn’t the story of every student that’s been through this district. I’ve seen students that their goal is just to pass with a D and students who just want to get out of school as fast as they can. Is that not an example of people this school system has failed? Because I believe school is supposed to be about learning, not barely passing.

Voting for this referendum will not only allow our district to be able to build new schools, it also allows it to use the money that we’ve been using to build previous schools to improve and maintain our schools and improve everyone’s education.

Cameron Carsten

South Florence student


Dear Editor, I am a senior at West Florence High School and an intern with Students First. I chose to become involved in helping get the Florence One Schools Referendum passed on February 26th because the students, teachers, and staff of Florence One deserve better.

All students deserve the opportunity to receive an education and to work in school facilities and learning environments that are safe, secure, clean, updated, and equipped with state-of-the art technology.

As of today, we have been left behind and are expected to spend 180 days out of each year in substandard facilities with outdated equipment and learning materials. While our community has been experiencing many positive changes, our schools have not!

We are now asking our entire community to step up to the plate and invest in our education. It doesn’t matter whether you are a parent, grandparent, or non-parent, everyone in our community will be impacted by the students of today one way or the other. Whether we choose to become health care professionals, teachers, business owners, caregivers, etc. we will touch everyone’s lives in some way.

Please don’t turn your back on us. This is your opportunity to make a positive difference in our lives and our entire community. The students of Florence One are counting on you to help us ensure our schools are the best they can be for years to come. The future of our schools and the welfare of present and future students are in your hands. Don’t let us down? Vote YES on February 26th!

Ryann Elder

West Florence Student


My name is Salomon Rice, and I am a junior in the IB program at Wilson High School. I moved to Florence from my small town in Tennessee in 2017. Although I have only been in the school district for two years, I have seen and done more than enough in the school district to understand the importance of updated facilities throughout the district.

When I first moved to Florence, I saw drastic differences in the schools. For one, the schools had many access points and the interiors of the school were not safe. Quite frankly, there was much more mold than I was used to. In my town in Tennessee, we had a population that was less than half of Florence, with less than a third of the industries here in Florence. I never had to worry about my school’s conditions. I cannot say the same for the conditions of Wilson High School, and I know that I am not the only new resident of Florence who has recognized those conditions in the school district.

There is now an oppor- tunity to address the concerns that students in Florence One Schools have. On February 26th, voters in District One can vote “yes” to better our school district and provide much needed improvements to our schools. By voting yes, you give us better places to learn and facilities to be proud of.

Salomon Rice

Wilson student

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