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Miss Pat really cares about us and you

on Tuesday, 17 May 2016. Posted in Letters to the Editor, Opinions

I’m writing this letter because Miss Pat. She has always cared so much about us young people. I remember when I was around 11 years old, Miss Pat took a bunch of boys to Camp Fever in the woods during the summer, from Friday to Sunday. She took a different group each weekend. She stayed out in the woods with us.

She did this every summer with different kids. She has a group named the Alliance for Youth. Police officers were also there at the camp. Miss Pat never left us the whole weekend. We all slept in sleeping bags and in tents. They made sure that we had a lot of things to do the whole time.

Miss Pat and the police took us kayaking, horseback riding, bowling, swimming at Francis Marion, fishing and to the movies. I did things that I had never done before. We also had a tour at Effingham jail and some of the inmates talked to us. Speakers came to camp also to talk to us about gangs, drugs, our future goals and how to be better young men. They also gave us really good food.

Miss Pat always looked out for us. On some weekends, she would take the girls instead. I was 11 at the time and now I’m 17 and a junior at Wilson High School. Miss Pat is still there for me. She still has her Alliance for Youth group. She is the manager of our Raging Storm basketball team and her husband is our coach.

Miss Pat has a lot of rules for the team. The first rule is that we have to maintain at least a “C” average in school to stay on the team. We also have to do some community service. She said that it’s important to help other people and the community.

She always tells us that basketball is good, but we have to learn teamwork, good sportsmanship and how to treat everyone right. Miss Pat loves doing things for us and we love her. She is running for Florence City Council #2. We want her to win because she deserves it. Please vote for our Miss Pat Gibson-Hye Moore on Tuesday, June 7. She really cares about us and about you.

Tyrek Rich, Florence

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