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NFL, flag and police brutality issue is a hoax

on Tuesday, 10 October 2017. Posted in Letters to the Editor, Opinions

The mainstream media and the progressive left have created a completely false narrative regarding the disrespect of the national anthem and the American flag as a protest against police killings of black victims and have painted the entire law enforcement community as purveyors of systemic racism.

The NFL players have no justification to use in the same sentence; “We respect our veterans” and “We kneel in support of our teammates’ protests.” Their rationale for disrespecting our American symbols of sacrifice and freedom is hypocritical political rhetoric. To kneel in support of “Team NFL” pales in comparison to standing for “Team America”.

The FBI, CDC, DOJ, and the Washington Post reports show factual evidence that these perceived police injustices are misleading.

1. There are 321 million people in the U.S. In 2015, 990 individuals were shot and killed by the police, or .00031% of the population. 258/26% killed by lethal force were black, whereas 468/47% of those killed were white.

2. From 2013-2015, of the criminals who killed police officers in the line of duty, 33% were African-American.

3. Police kill fewer unarmed assailants than officers themselves are killed by assailants.

4. The use of lethal force by the police is not on the rise but has been declining over the years. Of the 11,205,833 criminal arrest charges in 2015, officers were assaulted 48,315 times, but only 990 deaths of those criminals occurred. Police killings of African-Americans have fallen by 70% since the late 1960’s. From 2012-2014, average decrease in deaths from use of deadly force by police has decreased by 3.3% annually.

One unnecessary shooting death is still one death too many, but critics are losing their perspective of the real picture. Having access to these statistics, the media and leftist political groups have simply chosen to ignore the actual facts. To imply through isolated incidents and hype by media pundits that the worsening of race relations is occurring in America is irresponsible journalism and is creating resistance to many organizations’ efforts to promote racial reconciliation.

Although subtle class discrimination will always exist in any society, fewer than 2% of Americans are active members of the KKK and white supremacy groups, a much smaller number than existed 40 years ago. The other 98% of Americans actually want to live in harmony with their fellow citizens.

The progressive left and the media seem to have orchestrated a clever political strategy to promote identity politics in an effort to create more national dissention to aid Democratic candidates in the next elections.

The public responses to the past three hurricanes and the Las Vegas shooting tragedy were wonderful examples of true American empathy and unity of fellow citizens.

An appropriate way to turn around this growing sense of separation and hostility is to have healthy dialogue between parties who may disagree with each other, but still can discuss positive solutions to reduce America’s divided attitudes.

Carroll Player,

DDS Florence

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