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Political correctness out of hand

on Tuesday, 17 October 2017. Posted in Letters to the Editor, Opinions

America: home of the brave, land of the offended.

If the only reason Glenn Odom was asked to resign from Florence School District 1 board of directors is because he used the term darkie, shame on them. Since Glenn Odom has been on the board for over 25 years I have to assume he has done a good job. I also must assume his use of the word was in a private email. It was not meant as a slur.

Darkie is a word I have not heard in years, but it was once a common term used when speaking of a black person. As far as I know it was/is not a derogatory word. Don’t negroes (and other races) typically have dark skin? Is darkie not similar to people-of-color?

Political correctness (PC) in this country is out of hand. It seems everybody is offended by everything.

If someone calls me whitey should I be offended? Of course not, but some people may be and in my view that would be ridiculous. PC is part of the junk that keeps America in turmoil all the time.

PC can cause people to create a disturbance, fight, even murder someone. Not to mention causing news people to waste time yapping endlessly about nonsense.

On another subject:

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Dave Hicklin


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