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Random thoughts and questions

on Tuesday, 25 July 2017. Posted in Letters to the Editor, Opinions

Did the South Carolina legislature accomplish anything this year?

Same for U.S. Congress.

Global warming/climate change? America is the second largest contributor next to China?

Go hug a tree and get real.

President Trump thinks political correctness sucks and so do I.

If you live in a “gated community” but oppose “The wall” check yourself.

Do traffic laws apply to everyone but you?

Do you have a CWP but don’t carry? Why did you get it?

If you don’t think law abiding Americans should be allowed to have guns don’t advertise it. Soft targets attract nuts and criminals.

Why does the Morning News almost always ask who cares opinions?

Metal detectors to check for weapons at high school graduations?

Why don’t non-radical Muslims speak out against radical Muslims? I think I know.

Should texting and driving be dealt with the same as DUI? Yes!

Roadway marking paint must be terribly expensive. It sure is lacking on our streets and highways.

Do you wear a helmet and take a sedative when you fly commercial?

Headline: Mars could have had an ocean. Who cares? When a country is bankrupt space exploration is crazy.

America is nearly $20 trillion in debt and still spending like a drunk Democrat/Republican.

Does it drive you up-the-wall when a TV commercial volume goes up a lot? Dave Hicklin, Florence

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