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STUDENT Letters to the editor

on Wednesday, 20 February 2019. Posted in Letters to the Editor, Opinions

Dear Editor,

My name is Alexis Hinson and I am a junior in the IB Program at Wilson High School. I have been a student in Florence School District 1 for my whole life and have experienced the horrible conditions in the buildings of our district. There is a need for change in order to grow our community and impact the education of our future students.

One of my biggest concerns about the current issues in our district is the safety of the students. There are over 150 mobile units across all the schools, and this puts thousands of students at risk every day. In my own school, there are entrances everywhere that contribute to the insecurity of the school, especially with the amount of students going outside the main building to the mobile units. Safety and security are necessary for our children to learn and function, and the problems within the schools need to be fixed.

The upcoming referendum on February 26th gives this community an opportunity to change the issues, especially concerning security. Now is the time to vote yes to prove to our youth that their safety is not being ignored!

— Alexis Hinson


Dear Editor,

My name is Joyce Ji, and I am in the 11th grade in the IB program at Wilson High School. I have lived in Florence my entire life and have only attended schools in Florence School District One. I attended McLaurin Elementary, Moore Intermediate, and Williams Middle.

As a member of the Student Facilities Committee, I want students to have a safer environment to learn in and a place to better participate in sports. This would not only improve academics, but also help the future of our community because these students are the future. I also have first hand experience of the inadequate athletic facilities at Wilson High School as I am a varsity soccer player. Many of my friends refuse to come out and support my games because they do not want to sit in the bad bleachers we currently have.

On February 26th, come out and vote yes to stop future students from suffering the consequences I deal with now. As a student in this district, I hope that future generations will have a safer, more productive environment to learn in. We need to nurture our students to propel them forward to change the world in the future.

— Joyce Ji

Dear Editor,

I am a junior at South Florence High School and an intern with Students First. I wanted to help with the referendum because I believe that I should work to leave this world a better place than it was when I got here.

As long as I’ve been a student I’ve been a student in this school district. I’ve seen the problems at the schools I’ve been to and I’ve seen the problems at other schools by being a member of the Students Facilities Committee too. With these experiences I think it’s time we stop worrying only about the schools our children do or will go to and start thinking of every school in the district, because while a property tax does affect people’s money, a bad school system affects people’s lives.

I’ve been lucky with good education so far, but that isn’t the story of every student that’s been through this district. I’ve seen students that their goal is just to pass with a D and students who just want to get out of school as fast as they can. Is that not an example of people this school system has failed? Because I believe school is supposed to be about learning, not barely passing.

Voting for this referendum will not only allow our district to be able to build new schools, it also allows it to use the money that we’ve been using to build previous schools to improve and maintain our schools and improve everyone’s education.

—Cameron Carsten


Dear Editor,

My name is Reid Mozley. I am a junior at Wilson High School in Florence School District One. I’m supporting this referendum because as a high school varsity soccer player, I’ve had the luxury of playing at very nice, high quality facilities in other school districts. Unfortunately, FSD1 is not one of those facilities and they need major upgrades.

When my team and I would get off our bus to go play at away games, the first thing we all would notice was that the other team’s field was 100% nicer than ours. This already put us at a disadvantage because we thought since the other team had such a nice facility that they would be better than us.

It was also painful for me to be more excited to play away games than to play home games just because I know I’d be able to go and play on nice fields. I’m supporting the referendum because as a high school soccer player I’ve had the luxury of playing at nice facilities.

FSD1 is not one of those facilities and they need major upgrades. I know this referendum would be a major asset in gaining these facilities for Florence School District One and give our athletes a field that they’d actually be proud to play at.

— Reid Mozley


Dear Editor,

My name is Alice Lee, and I’m a senior at Wilson High School. Florence is where I’ve lived my whole life, and the schools here are all I’ve known. But throughout the years, I’ve noticed the flaws within our schools that have impacted the growth of our children.

Within the schools, there are major problems with maintenance that often stay unaddressed. For example, at my school, some of the locks within the girls’ bathrooms are broken and have not been fixed for years. This is a clear violation of privacy for many students and creates an uncomfortable environment in our schools. Furthermore, there are many leaks that trickle onto the ceilings which has caused some of the ceilings to burst. This especially crucial maintenance necessity has also gone unresolved, with many of the leakages left without repair for many months.

These issues have created an unsafe and unclean environment for many of my fellow students, and we deserve better. Many of our youth should have a better opportunity to get the education we deserve without barriers. With this referendum, we would be able to learn and grow in a clean and well maintained environment. So I encourage you to vote YES on February 26th.

— Alice Lee

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