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The time is now to act on gun violence

on Tuesday, 20 February 2018. Posted in Letters to the Editor, Opinions

Like most Americans, I am fed up with the shootings. Why have we accepted these shootings as “normal” events in today’s society? l think desperate times call for desperate measures. Forget the typical arguments about the second amendment for a minute – what is for the good of America and our precious children?

If the politicians from the top, the Congress and even local authorities will not act, to do something, we must demand it. Certainly, it will be difficult for some people to bend and accept the required action. There is too much at stake to ignore the problem for personal agendas.

Before building a wall or a trillion dollar infrastructure program, let’s put metal detectors at all schools and staff the entry door with an armed guard. Not a walk around resource officer, but in addition to.

Immediately ban the sales of assault type weapons without a special permit and background check. If you cannot protect your interests with a handgun, shotgun or hunting rifle, you need to join the Army.

Finally, perhaps the most important and painful next step is to get a handle on the mental status on potential active shooters. Just about every one of the past shooters have been people that everyone knew were “strange,” obviously dangerous or reported before.

We must welcome reporting of suspicious people. That is people who have displayed behavioral problems, aggression, social media rants, etc. It must be handled by those in the most direct path of the possible conflict – first observer, family, local police, teacher, principal. This information must be confidentially communicated to the police. The report must be assessed and acted upon, either immediately, monitored or discarded.

Yes, it is “Big Brother” and requires resources. It is for public safety and saving lives demand action. The time is now. Ken Curran, Florence

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