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The truth about guns

on Wednesday, 29 July 2015. Posted in Letters to the Editor, Opinions

Have those of you who let it be know you are against guns ever considered that everyone who knows that is aware you are vulnerable? Unless of course you don’t practice what you preach, which is exactly what a North Carolina legislator did several years ago. It became know when he shot an intruder at his home.

We always hear about the bad things people do with guns, but the average person rarely hears about the good things people have done with guns. Truth be known, I expect many more lives have been saved with guns than taken by someone up to no good or outright nuts. If you are a anti-gun person you may find it interesting to read some of the stories at “The Armed Citizen” website. the-armed-citizen/ Occasionally you will see a story in the news where someone prevents a home invasion, robbery or other misdeed with a gun but the big news is when a lunatic murders innocent victims or not-so-innocent person in a drug deal gone bad.

Gun ownership will never come to an end in America. To those of you naive enough to think it will happen, bless your heart. To those that think the only way to own a gun is to have it locked up unloaded and the ammunition separate, you would be better served with a baseball bat. An unloaded gun is like car without fuel. PS: Many more dangerous people have a drivers license than those that should not have a gun. Dave Hicklin, Florence

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