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Trump versus Trump

on Wednesday, 29 July 2015. Posted in Letters to the Editor, Opinions

Since my first involvement in the political world I cannot remember anyone getting the media, the general public and both of the major political parties so, let’s say excited. I have to ask for help in understanding why all the commotion? Why are people getting upset and jumping all over, even condemning, the one person who is saying things many of us want to say or at least have asked ourselves?

Every one of us know “The Don” is a flamboyant, boisterous, in your face, brutal showman. There is no doubt he can be rude, crude and distasteful. However, with all that said, I like Donald Trump. I’m not saying if he were to win the election he would be the greatest President ever to sit in the White House. I am not saying I would or would not support “the man with the hair”. What I am saying is I like his flare. I like the fact he is not soft spoken. I like that he is not concerned about being politically correct at all times. 

Most of all, I like that by his words and actions he is making the rest of the political world take stock that someone is willing to speak up about the lack of true leadership and positive results that have plagued all political arenas for decades. Trump has proven there is a streak of being a human within him. He has made several remarks that did not come out in the right way. Like all of us, he has opened his mouth without thinking and said things that just were not right. When the spout is open sometimes it is hard to shut. 

When that happens Trump and the rest of us have to do damage control while the media and those who look for reasons to pounce on our ever slip of the tongue make us look like lepers and sound like squealing hogs being prepped for the smoker. Trump has provided entertainment we would have never enjoyed if he was not in the race. Have any of you ever seen Senator Lindsey Graham do slapstick comedy as he did while destroying his antique cellphone? Don’t forget all the new hair jokes, political cartoons and social media discussions. 

Trump made many people realize that although someone can be a hero (heroic deeds and actions can never be taken away) but, there comes a time when current actions, or inactions, must be examined. We also know many people who have entered into this country from all over the world. Many are criminals and guilty of all kinds of atrocities. We also know many more legal and illegals have come into this country looking for the same things our ancestors were seeking: personal liberties, freedom of religion, opportunities and more. Let’s be honest and accept the fact that all of us have been waiting for someone to shake up the system. What’s that saying, “Be careful about what you wish for. It may just come true.” Bill Pickle, Florence

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