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Two societies: Then and now

on Tuesday, 04 June 2019. Posted in Letters to the Editor, Opinions

To the Editor:

Mid-summer, 1952, Florence:

A twenty-something young woman is pregnant and unmarried. The young serviceman who has fathered her child wants to go home to the North when his tour of duty is up. All of this is not a good thing for this young woman.

Society in this era looks down on an unmarried woman ‘in the family way’; and, just might call the child of this woman a really bad name. The young woman has enough knowledge to know how to abort (kill) her baby without harm to herself; but, she does not want to do this, not only because abortion is illegal, but also because she loves this baby growing in her womb. The young serviceman is enough of a gentleman that he marries the young woman so that the baby will be legitimate. It is decided that he will stay until the baby is born so that they both may sign their parental rights away and give their baby up for adoption.

Early Spring, 1953, Effingham.

A young farmer and his wife have had three little babies who died shortly after birth, and they really want a child to love and cherish. The young woman mentioned above gives birth to a brown-eyed little girl. Shortly after the birth, the farmer and his wife are at the hospital nursery beaming down at their new daughter. Twelve days later, after all the legal formalities are done, they bring their daughter home.

If you haven’t deduced by now, I’ll tell you that I was that little baby girl; and, I am so glad that my birth mother did not abort (kill) me before I had a chance to tell her that I wanted to live. I thank her for giving me up for adoption for, oh my goodness, was I ever loved and cherished by both sides of the family, and especially by Wilbur and Vivian, the farmer and his wife- my parents - until their deaths.

In some way, I hope that I have made some contribution to the world in my chosen profession of teacher and in returning all the love that I was given to my family and friends.

May 21, 2019, Washington, D.C.,

Congresswoman Jackie Speier (D-Ca.) spoke at a pro-abortion rally in front of Supreme Court. Having to use a bullhorn to be heard, she declared that she had had an abortion, and the crowd cheered. Society today, for the most part, does not look down on an unmarried, pregnant woman. Most people do not call the child of an unmarried woman a really bad name; but, I never thought I would hear crowds cheer a woman who declared she had an abortion—not in America.

As a Christian woman, who was never blessed with children, I believe that abortion at any stage of pregnancy is murder. I also believe that sometimes a choice has to be made to save the mother’s life. I do not believe that abortion is a type of birth control, although some people are trying to make it that—as a woman’s right. Poppycock.

I am deeply offended by these woman who declare such a right—actually it makes me mad. They make it appear that women are so dumb that they cannot use a birth control before engaging in sex. For goodness sakes, most children in public schools are taught what makes a baby and how to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Of course, the best way to prevent such a thing is to hold off on sex until after you are married.

Based on statistics from various entities, including the Centers for Disease Control, there have been at least 61 million babies aborted or killed since 1973. As a Christian, this concerns me very much.

Pro-abortion people rally and get all the liberal media coverage. So, what can we do as Christians to help turn this blasphemy of abortion around? There is no question about it, we cannot just sit back and do nothing. We must pray for these women and men who believe in abortion even up until the point of birth and just after, which is infanticide. I know some of you will laugh at that, but go ahead and laugh. I’m going to pray, because prayer works.

However, we must do more. We must make ourselves visible in a big way without violence, without arguments, without hatred. We must let people know that there is a better way to live your life, a happier way, a peaceful way - as a child of God.

We must make our society better or there will soon be no society.

Susan O. Kirby Effingham


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