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Unfair alimony laws

on Wednesday, 27 January 2016. Posted in Letters to the Editor, Opinions

I am writing concerning the unfair permanent alimony laws in South Carolina. There is an unjust weight being placed on those forced to pay permanent alimony. When the law says “permanent alimony” it means that this payment is for the rest of your life unless your ex-spouse remarries. There are so many payers that can never retire because they are burdened with lifetime alimony payments. Many are facing bankruptcy and then jail time if they cannot pay.

This is a form of indentured servitude and should be limited to no more than half the length of the marriage. Things have changed since the early 1900’s when women could not own property or find a decent job and were not even considered legal entities. Women are now in the work force making equal pay, they are CEO’s of large companies, and many own their own companies.

They now make more money than men in 4 out of 10 households, so now there are also more and more women being forced to pay permanent alimony. There is an organization called South Carolina Alimony Reform that is calling for improvement and fairness to the current alimony laws. You can contact them at their web site at or write to them at scalimonyreform@

Please contact your House legislators and ask them to vote for alimony reform and support bill H-4029 during the current legislative session. Ask your Senators to vote for the companion bill in the Senate. No one should have to pay another person for the rest of their life simply because their marriage failed. Wyman Oxner Orangeburg

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