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Your vote is needed to turn America around

on Tuesday, 24 May 2016. Posted in Letters to the Editor, Opinions

To anyone that is a conservative or moderate that is thinking you can’t vote for Donald Trump, please reconsider. If you choose to not vote that is the same as a vote for who I consider to be tied for first place as the worst presidential candidate ever. Is America better now than 4 or 8 years ago? Hillary Clinton has said she will continue Obama’s course. I personally think she would be even worse. Unless of course she is not elected or in prison where I believe she should be.

I do not remember there being a perfect candidate for a political office. In some cases it was a matter of voting for the lesser of the evils. To Democrats who can’t stand the thought of voting for Hillary, good. To those of you that think the only person to vote for is Hugh Leatherman, but complain about there not being term limits, you too may wish to reconsider. My pick is Dean Fowler Jr. I am confident Dean has to fortitude to buck the status quo in Columbia’s good-old-boy system as he has as treasurer of Florence County.

The office of treasurer is an elected office, but it is not a political office. Laurie Carpenter has worked in the treasurer’s office for a long time and has been deputy treasurer for a number of years and she has been endorsed by the sitting treasurer. If elected, the transition should be smooth and efficient. I am an independent, but tend to vote Republican since I am a conservative.

Over the years both Democrats and Republicans have shifted to the left. In my view years ago the Republican Party would be the Democrat Party and many Dems have run off the chart to socialism. That has gotten us in deep trouble spiritually, socially, morally, financially etc. Even with a Republican majority in the House and Senate they have accomplished little or nothing in this session.

BTW: You may wish to search the term Constitution of States. We need it badly. If someone gives you something more often than not, strings are attached. It may be free to you, but nothing truly free. That is most especially true in politics. If you vote for me I will give you free college tuition, an EBT card, free housing, free health insurance and even a free cell phone. All you have to do is keep voting for me so you won’t lose all the free stuff. Is that not vote buying?

Not securing the American borders is nothing but building on a voter base at a huge expense to America in many ways. Why aren’t immigrants that got here the proper way not mad as hell at those that slip under the fence? They should be I think. If it is not already too late to turn America around, it has to be done immediately. The existence of America as we know it is on the line. Vote Nov. 8, please. Dave Hicklin, Florence

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